The [5161814] mission ended with a FINAL VICTORY, but at a cost. Future episodes of Opposition/Resurrection will have the status-quo shaken up as a result of the mission's events. Suddenly, 4½ months later, overtime was declared once more and ensured a continued VICTORY.


This page is meant to be a random dump of known information surrounding the expected events of May 2014,

November 2014, and various related influences over the years regarding previous circumstances.

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There are vague hints below about the game-changing spoilers about Madoka Magica: Rebellion.

All calendar date-to-date calculations are made with the help of

[ OT - 114 ]: Symptoms of withdrawal were acted upon at a theatre screening

[ OT - 103 ]: Symptoms of withdrawal were acted upon at a night concert featuring a certain musical artist

[ OT - 96 ]: Symptoms of withdrawal were acted upon at a theatre screening

[ OT - 77 ]: Asuna's voice actress is pulling me back... It's later found that Asuna may be working with Lucy H. on this matter.

[ OT - 58 ]: Symptoms of withdrawal were acted upon at another night concert featuring the same musical artist

[ OT - 56 ]: France's voice actor is pulling me back... It's later found that France (Francis B.) may be working with Rintaro on this matter. Symptoms of withdrawal were also acted upon, as a new leitmotif was teased on location.

[ OT - 55 ]: [5161814]: overtime is publicly declared, one year to the day after fear/survival mission: overtime was

[ OT - 50 ]: 1 in 1000000 chance landed again as "Person A" * appears in Twitter's "Who to follow" lists due to suspiciously-smarter algorithms

[ OT - 48 ]: Power outage leads to feelings of presumed dementia in the fugitive's mind. It's possible his mind has regressed to either fatal decision (2012) or fear/survival mission (2013) levels.

[ OT - 39 ]: The fugitive's allegiance to, as well as his stance towards, two [redacted] mascot characters is being tested due to the ongoing storyline. (Later disproved)

[ OT - 37 ]: 13 days after the Twitter "Who to follow" algorithm incident, one of the fugitive's email addresses becomes unsafe due to the discovery of a club's mailing list email mentioning "Person A" * for an event the next evening. The venue is then declared out-of-bounds to the fugitive.

[ OT - 25 ]: The aforementioned musical artist is confirmed as a returning guest. On the same day, a new primary objective is finalized involving... Elsa.

[ OT - 17 ]: Said objective declared no longer achievable due to circumstances as of this day. (Later disproved)

[ OT - 16 ]: Nervous breakdown occurred.

[ OT - 15 ]: Another nervous breakdown occurred.

[ OT - 07 ]: The fugitive's faith in the situation begins to diminish and may be rapidly continuing to do so.

[ OT - 00 ]: VICTORY IN THE FINAL MISSION, with satisfactory to excellent results during overtime.


*According to Otafest debriefings REDUX (June 29, 2014). Name withheld for safety and confidentiality reasons.




No one deserves to be around a fugitive

No one deserves to be around a fugitive                                                                                                                                                                                 areas of interest

No one deserves to be around a fugitive                                                                                                                                                                                 ST132 COMPROMISED

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ST147 unspeakable

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ??### unspeakable

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  [platform of infamy] unspeakable

                                                                 NMD no more delusion!                                                                                                                                             ST127 F/SM

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  rm418 F/SM OT

                                                                                                                                                                                               "moping in front of a room" [CLASSIFIED] NMD

 2014 is not a repeat of the fear/survival mission


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ICT114 NMD minus 4

                                                                                              unaccounted for on November 30

                                                                                                                                        no house arrest protocols assigned

                     The final time's the charm                                                                                              no more running, no more screaming                                              where are they?

delusion                                                                                                                  no more brutality,                                                                                  no more delusion

dawn  four months later               <duty among death and dawn dawn and death on duty             No more delusion     Dawn of the fallen

darkness (?)     counter-intuitive objective (blame Rebellion movie)   >among distress                                                                               counter-intuitive mission targets (impulse rotations)

denouement       <desperation                                                                                                           Exact time to failure/Running out of time


[ t - 156 ]: [spoilery incarnation] [REDACTED], first objective marked counter-intuitive

[ t - 136 ]: Code number revealed

[ t - 106 ]: Luka -> "miss Satsuki"?

[ t - 94 ]: IMPULSE ROTATION: [security breach from Dec. 14-15, 2013], second objective marked counter-intuitive

[ t - 82 ]: IMPULSE ROTATION: [REDACTED] master builder(???)

[ t - 80 ]: Reorganization of front page contents

[ t - 70 ]: Categories for mission objective targets revealed

[ t - 60 ]: March 17 hits again

[ t - 53 ]: 1 in 1000000 chance landed with a retweet witnessed on Twitter at 7:21 PM

[ t - 46 ]: March 24 ([ t - 53 ]) status report released. File mirror discovered on [ t - 09 ]. (EXPIRED)

[ t - 45 ]: Light -> "Maxwell" during April Fool's post

[ t - 43 ]: Objectives revised

[ t - 24 ]: More "fugitive" leitmotifs considered

[ t - 24 ]: General reminder and apology released

[ t - 21 ]: In an attempt to counteract any desires to see certain cosplay characters, the "fugitive" attended an event known as the "POW Parade". However, none of an unidentified number of  [5161814] mission objectives could be completed.

[ t - 17 ]: April 25, 2014 clue drop photo analyzed                                                                                                                                           MUST RESTRAIN SELF

[ t - 13 ]: Losses in self-esteem reported, unknown update footage filmed                                                                                                               GOTTA TAKE NOTES

[ t - 11 ]: Two pins, one regular, one brass-gold, revealed to be in "fugitive's" possession

[ t - 10 ]: "Fugitive" borrows a book from the library about overcoming anxiety attacks

[ t - 09 ]: [REDACTED] marked as secondary/non-mandatory objective

              "What not to do" list posted. (EXPIRED)

[ t - 04 ]: SSTV images intercepted and posted, depicting Luka and Light with various items related to their voice actors' roles

              New counter-intuitive objective proposed

[ t - 03 ]: A teaser poster video, in the style of the "Keep Calm" posters as used since the fatal decisions, was released.

[ t - 02 ]: The fugitive goes on-camera in a short public message widely believed to be filtered out or kept hidden by other factors.

              New non-mandatory "would be nice if they appeared" objectives declared during temporary Twitter channel lockdown

[ t - 01 ]: First-encounter mission objective revealed to involve Kyoko Sakura and a Pocky giveaway

[ t - 00 ]: A final "Keep Calm" poster is released. There is also a rise in complaints about the nature of the filters that suggest allegedly related videos, which, again, are "getting too smart for [the fugitive's] own good".



The spoilery incarnation has fallen from grace by committing a game-changing act of darkness

Crazy flipping fugitive crazy flipping fugitive crazy flipping fugitive crazy flipping fugitive crazy flipping fugitive

                                                                                                                                                                                     Must restrain self! (and not go brutal, either)

                                                                                                               "Runaway fugitive something" reclassification pending   exile

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Conditions for automatic failure are being considered

                    REVISED. Most objectives are now optional and marked under "it would be nice" or "really great/awesome to meet up with them/if they showed up"

                                                                                                            IMPORTANT: UNCONTROLLABLE VARIABLES. Reconsider automatic failure conditions ASAP

Automatic failure conditions are under review. It is not a fugitive's job to go demanding character appearances, but it would be nice if particular ones show up.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Avoid brutal honesty. This is what got me in trouble in the first place

Objective targets Sub-missions Sublevel missions

"A matter of unfinished business" (Primary mission)

  • [CLASSIFIED, unverified], previously completed on November 30, 2013 COMPLETED approx 1/1000000 chance outside of [5161814] mission, previously 1/1000 or 1/1 chance
  • [CLASSIFIED, unverified], originated circa 2010 DEBUNKED, RECLASSIFIED NON-MANDATORY ??? +involvement member = sounds like COMPROMISE witness ???
  • [CLASSIFIED, unverified] (dependent on conditions) SEMI-PRIMARY, NON-MANDATORY
  • [CLASSIFIED, unverified] (dependent on conditions) SEMI-PRIMARY, NON-MANDATORY
  • [CLASSIFIED, unverified] (dependent on conditions) SEMI-PRIMARY, NON-MANDATORY

More primary objectives

  • Remarks: Luka Megurine/Satsuki Shinonome/Sakaki COMPLETED
  • Remarks: Light Yagami/Maxwell COMPLETED
  • Musical act ==> implicit goal related to CCube papercrafts once again COMPLETED
  • Musical act ==> data unknown COMPLETED

Additional rotating interests (may be marked as "impulse" rotations) Potential cosplay character targets objectives (1 of 2 secondary missions/non-mandatory) UPDATE: It'd be really great if they showed up

  • [spoilery incarnation] see also [ t - 156 ] for committing an act of darkness against a friend of hers. The mere existence of this spoilery incarnation is controversial and has been since Oct. 26, 2013/Dec. 9, 2013 as it takes established continuity (as established at the end of its originating series) and throws it out the window. COUNTER-INTUITIVE for a fugitive who averted suicide to go looking for. Mentioned during a panel talk on Saturday but that is it.
  • ["security breach" from Dec. 14-15, 2013/Feb 11, 2014???, doppelganger?] see also [ t - 94 ] Ok, I'll just call her a doppelganger from the chaos for spoilery reasons. COUNTER-INTUITIVE for a fugitive who averted suicide to go looking for. and "The fugitive is believed to have soft spots"
  • [CLASSIFIED] "Let it go" = fear or restraint? Both COMPLETED
  • [CLASSIFIED] *kshzt*e also [ t - 82 ] UPDATE: Unlikely encounter but it would be nice
  • [CLASSIFIED] Unlikely to occur, but an encounter would be nice
  • [CLASSIFIED] Unlikely to occur during [5161814], but an encounter would be nice
  • [CLASSIFIED] Unlikely to occur during [5161814], but an encounter would be nice since there used to be two of them running around (Why? I should have let it go last year) Tough to know who's anywhere at any time during [5161814]. Confirmed that encounters WERE missed during the fear/survival mission as well as the overtime period. COMPLETED
  • (CONFIRMED) A character from [redacted] Tea Time or related - Unlikely to occur. An encounter would be nice.
  • NEW INFO [t-04]: Someone believed to be carrying giant fictional scissor swords, or knows someone who does; one of them may be COUNTER-INTUITIVE for a fugitive who averted suicide to go looking for due to a "cute but deadly" classification and "The fugitive is believed to have soft spots" Well, close enough.
  • (DEBUNKED) Someone believed to be carrying a coffin around in her originating series (added on [t - 09])
  • (DEBUNKED. NO PANELS TAKE PLACE AT ST132) Panel consideration: "stay away from ST132 or start moping there". For 100% completion of this objective, don't get yourself COMPROMISED again

Known fugitive concerns Remnant fugitive concerns (2 of 2 secondary missions/non-mandatory) UPDATE: It'd be nice if they showed up... but restrain yourself

  • [CLASSIFIED], originated circa 2007                   may have played a role in ss07 (persona)'s death "March 17 victim"   I should not have looked THAT up at a time like this
  • [CLASSIFIED, unverified]
  • Someone with pink hair and a set of tiny red bells on strings in her hair                                     This description is a composite of two characters -- Unlikely to occur. Info [t-04]: Would be nice if someone showed up in that uniform.
  • Resist the urge to attempt to recreate the Oscars photo at all costs. Objective deemed unfeasible for a "fugitive of society"

                                                                                           but for there to be actually two of you here is kinda...                          I don't want history to repeat (unverified?)

    overdue =/= impulse =/= rotation                 gotta be something else than just waving and saluting at the camera                    Under review: automatic failure if not all objectives are completed

                                                                "Third time's the charm," they say but                                  hopefully be the last time I do this kinda thing, but ---^

                                                                                                                                                                                    * * * * *   *   * * * * * *   *   * * * * * * * *   *   * * * *

          When I said there were two Serahs running around, I didn't mean one of them was her                                                                               rotating interests?

                                       dawn the before months four :18 January                                                             overdue

                                                                                                        is that you? I oughta know....



                              that damn newscast

                                                                                                                                             === sretcarahc eslupmi krad owt === February 11, December 9.


[5161814]                                                                                                                                                                          a matter of unfinished business

[5161814]                                                                             ssenkrad eht ecarbme


                                                                                                                                                            NMD                                                                                              [5161814] fugitive concern

                                       NMD                                                                                                                              The final time's the charm




                                                                                      NMD                                                                                                                                            fugitive has fallen?

                                                                                                                                                 ?:?? pm

                                                                                                                                                 ?:?? pm

                                                                                                                                                 ?:?? pm

Dec 14-15 Feb 9 WARNING: Security breach detected ["both aids and taunts [redacted] during [redacted] quest"]                                         NMD


Fall of the Fugitive --> December 9

                                    December 15

"spoilery incarnation" [REDACTED] rebellion                                                                                                      statements in my books                                          NMD