Opposition/Resurrection Episode 4: Echoes of forbidden nostalgic entities - the written adaptation

STORY ARC: ...Like It's a Bad Thing

A web novel by Jack Y./superslinger2007

Chapter 1

        May 14, 2014.
        Sniper had hooked up his camcorder to the primary inhibitor according to Engineer's instructions, and looked over the footage he got at the invasion of the Warmfront base. He could not believe that Pyro and Demoman would have to sit out another year or so; Medic was very busy doing who-knows-what with that assistant girl of his. But Sniper was concerned with what Pyro said after the attack.
        " 'Blue candy cane?' This is getting embarrassing... again." He placed his hand on the inhibitor's frontal column and tried to get the inhibitor to rewind the footage.
        Scout leaped into the inhibitor room while making his triple-jump noises.
        "Whoop-- wah-- wah-hah! I'm back, baby!" proclaimed Scout.
        "Scout, need some help here!" yelled Sniper. He had managed to stop the camera footage on a shot of the thing he had absent-mindedly filmed earlier: a bright-white katana with neon-blue stripes.
        "Yeah, it's a super scary... blade," remarked Scout. "No big deal."
        But before Scout could say more, he and Sniper heard the voice of one of the spacesuit-wearing protesters, which had an artificial quality to it.
        "You guys are a bunch of idiots. First, you're not worried about your own teammates," spoke the protester.
        "You phony scoundrel!" yelled Sniper.
        "Second, you don't even pay attention to your real enemy," continued the protester. "Now watch as all your effort goes down. Have a nice day, aeiou." The way the protesters' group operated always led to its members speaking with odd verbal quirks such as stringing five vowels into one word, and making flawed accusations toward others, even between its own members.
        "Uh oh," said Scout quickly.
        A loud crackling began. Sniper and Scout looked around and saw that the viewscreens of all three inhibitors, even the one that was destroyed and pumping out smoke, emitted large electric arcs. Suddenly, the three arcing energy balls unleashed electric bolts at the same time right where Sniper and Scout were, and sent them both off into a time-screw.
        Where Sniper and Scout were moments earlier was filled briefly with a rapidly-shrinking light blue cloud of energy that faded away.

        Back at Warmfront's RED base, a warning beep sounded on Engineer's new camera-equipped PDA. Something had gone wrong with the inhibitor systems once again.
        "Well, that sours my milk," grumbled Engineer. Upon his return, he had a Dispenser-shaped backpack on, and set up his Mini-Dispenser next to the injured Pyro and Demoman. Engineer had more difficulty than usual setting up the Mini-Dispenser as instead of his regular wrench, he used a metallic Eureka Effect wrench lined with an electric coil, which was used primarily for self-teleportation.
        Heavy and Medic had been called in to provide first aid, in the forms of a delicious Sandvich to Demoman, and a scrap-metal Medigun healing test run to Pyro. Madoka had also arrived; she had wanted to meet up with FemScout before she left. Instead, she had a brief conversation with Mami that could have easily been about whether the both of them could meet new people at an upcoming weekend gathering.
        "I'm here," Mami assured Madoka, "so everything will be fine. Don't worry." She had detransformed and was in a school uniform similar to Madoka's, but she still held her walkie talkie in her hand.
        Madoka sensed trouble and suddenly blurted out, "Sorry, I better go back home!" She started to leave the area.
        Just then, a teenage blonde-haired boy entered the RED base. He was in the same outfit with the green headdress he wore five months earlier, though didn't find himself shivering in it this time. The boy's name was Nagisa Hazuki. He was part of a swimming club at his school, but Black Rock Shooter's defeat had prompted his sudden arrival and subsequent, albeit accidental, tackling of Homura.
        "Somehow, this is really exciting!" Nagisa spoke delightedly.
        "Agh!" yelped Engineer, as he turned his attention toward Nagisa briefly.
        "Uhh, what?" asked Nagisa.
        Madoka's attention was also briefly drawn toward the boy. She sighed to herself before making her way out of the base.
        "Hmm?" pondered Mami. She also looked at Nagisa attentively with her right hand to her chin. She was sure she knew someone with the same name as the young boy... but couldn't quite place it.
        The brief moment of confusion was interrupted when a spacesuit-wearing protester, the same one who taunted Sniper and Scout earlier, arrived in the base. He began to recite some syllables from a song featuring what an Italian would have presumed was English but was complete nonsensical gibberish.
        "Ai ai smai sesler. Eny els so co uil piso. Ai," spoke the protester.
        He gestured toward the Mini-Dispenser, which also began to crackle with the same arcs of energy the inhibitors had, unbeknownst to Engineer.
        "Help us!" yelled Pyro, his speech muffled by his mask.
        "Dispenser, what's the matter with you?" yelled Heavy.
        "Aah! Raus raus!" shouted Medic, gesturing for Heavy to clear the area.
        "Mistress's orders," declared the protester, finishing with two nonsensical words: "Oll raigth!"
        Before Engineer could run toward the seemingly malfunctioning machine, the energy that arced from the Mini-Dispenser sent another bolt to Engineer, sending him away into a time-screw.
        "Engineer is gone," said Heavy.
        Just then, Mami's walkie-talkie began to play a song. Mami brought it up to her ear while keeping an eye on the protester.


Big kids scare the heck outta me, big kids scare the heck outta me
Whenever I see 'em, gosh oh gee, big kids scare the heck outta me


        "What do we do?" asked a worried Nagisa. "This is bad!"
        Mami was already in action. She opened her right hand to reveal her Soul Gem, an egg-shaped transformation item that is the source of a magical girl's powers. Mami raised her right hand above her head. At that moment, a hovering white musket rifle flew out of the Soul Gem. Mami gestured with her left hand while still holding the walkie-talkie, and the rifle fired a shot on her cue at the protester.
        The protester let out a sustained artificial yell as he flew backwards to be taken away by the sudden appearance of another time-screw.
        Nagisa was amazed, and watched as Mami switched her Soul Gem back into a ring on her finger and caught the rifle in her free hand.
        "Can I look at it?" asked Nagisa.
        Mami's handover of the now-empty rifle was interrupted by Heavy, who remembered Nagisa from that day five months earlier, when everything went insane.
        "You!" yelled Heavy as he raised his fists. "Let us fight, man versus tiny baby man." Nagisa and Mami looked at Heavy in surprise, and then at each other.
        "Oh dear," moaned Mami with a worried look on her face. "Will you explain what this is about?"




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