Chapter 6

        May 16, 2014.
        Engineer, Sniper, and Spy were outside on a sidewalk. Engineer and Spy had their headsets, while Sniper still had Engineer's old PDA. Just then, the ringtone was heard by the three.
        "Resurrection Movement," greeted the Fugitive, "with all those frigging songs and video games from 10 to 20 years ago, and how Ritsu and Mami Tomoe sounded all weird and stuff yesterday... Team, I think we might be dealing with a nostalgia virus."
        "Crikey!" reacted Sniper.
        "But wait..." continued the Fugitive. "Miss Neru's the next Opposition Member, so we gotta deal with her, so that means it's not that other--"
        "Incoming!" interrupted Spy. He then cloaked himself into invisibility.
        "Sorry, what now? What's going on now?" asked the Fugitive.
        Engineer and Sniper looked up and saw Kyoko on the other side of the street being confronted by one of the spacesuit-wearing protesters. However, Kyoko was in a green vest and blue shorts instead of her school uniform.
        "Uhhhhhhh, hey, aeiou girl," spoke the protester. "I saw you in the arcade dancing to Sandstorm."
        Kyoko saw through the spacesuit man's tricks. "Ohh, don't tell me. You don't really believe in all that crap, don't you?" she said smugly.
        "I don't care about what I should believe," the protester continued in his artifical voice before issuing a death threat. "So how about you rub your collarbone against the tip of your spear and tell me how that feels?"
        "Wanna stop that? I don't like you coming here and acting like it's a game."
        "I will not aeiou. You're just as bratty as the other two I heard were on that Rainbow Road that day."
        "You know something? You shouldn't talk to me like that."
        At this moment, Kyoko transformed into her magical girl outfit while summoning her spear out of her Soul Gem.
        The spacesuit man became impatient. "Making me wait for you to do that goody goody gaeiou thing makes me want you dead even more. So shove that spear into your collarbone already!"
        "You idiot!!!" Kyoko's rage was set loose as she jammed her spear into the spacesuit instead.

        "Waaaaaiiii..." the protester yelled as he was sent sliding onto the road.
        Spy reappeared from his cloak with his Ambassador revolver in his hand. He pointed it at the man's helmet.
        "I'll see you in hell... you imbecile!"
        The gunshot instantly sent the spacesuit man away from the area in a time-screw.


*   *   *


        "Well, that was... messed up," said the Fugitive on the comm system. "I don't know if that frigging spacesuit guy's still alive, but he wants us dead and... Ugh. Just hope he doesn't show up until Monday. Team, make sure you head over and meet up, all right?"
        Madoka was on her cell phone. She had just exited the retro-looking castle where Mario was seen the day before. Madoka had actually just paid him, his brother, and a princess a visit there.
        "Were you the one that was calling for help?" asked Madoka.
        "Oh, uh, Madoka?" replied the Fugitive. "Well... yeah, that was me. I think I sent out that message a few days ago. It was about... what was it? Putting aside your differences just this once. I really wanna meet up, you know? 'Cause, uh..."
        Madoka remembered. There was that gathering that began today, and she knew she was going along with Mami.
        Mami walked back over beside Madoka, having taken a look around the castle courtyard. She began to listen in to the conversation.
        Madoka asked, "Are you sure you don't have any regrets?"
        "Well," the Fugitive replied, "I shouldn't have blanked out in the past. But what we're gonna do this time, that's what this weekend's for."
        "Well then, are you ready?" asked Mami sweetly.

        Back at the inhibitors, Scout had plugged Sniper's camcorder into the primary inhibitor again. Scout, who wore a red scarf replica with a triangular yellow eye coming off of it, was busy trying to cue the footage on the camera by tilting his fist on top of the inhibitor's frontal column.
        "Come on, come on!" he yelled.
        The Fugitive came onto the comm lines through Scout's headset. "Uh wait wait," he said quickly. "I'm getting something. It's..."
        Scout had accessed Sniper's footage at Warmfront from the day it was invaded. He managed to stop it at a shot of the striped katana.
        It took a while for the Fugitive to answer, but he did. "Ok, uh, this sword... Well, Scout, I kinda get why Pyro would call it a blue candy cane, like the ones you have."
        "Yeah," replied Scout.
        "That's understandable." The Fugitive's voice became more agitated as he spoke. "But this is a sword with blue stripes on it, and I don't know why it's just ticking me off right now and--!"
        "Oi, Scout!" called Sniper. "Stop mucking about and let's go!"
        With a gesture onto the frontal column, Scout powered down the primary inhibitor with a whir.
        "Augh! Coming!" replied Scout as he began to carefully detach Sniper's camera from the inhibitor.
        "Oh. Right," the Fugitive spoke. "I guess I'll see you all over there. Uh, until then, act like we don't know each other!"
        Sniper waited for Scout to finish. He was with Miku, a young woman who had her turquoise hair in ponytails and was his friend for the past few years. Sniper had just heard rumours of a news report that was coming in 15 minutes, while Miku was coming to terms with the fact that a friendly rival of hers was an Opposition Member who wanted someone dead.
        ("But... I'm worried. Neru...") began Miku in Japanese.
        "I'm sorry, princess," said Sniper.
        ("It's okay, Sniper. Luka will be there!")
        As Scout, Sniper, and Miku headed on their way with the camcorder in hand, another girl began to walk up behind them. She had shoulder-length black hair with a red streak in it, and wore a dark blue version of a school uniform. However, the uniform bore the same eye design that Scout had on his scarf, and the girl happened to be holding a giant red scissor blade in her right hand. Yet the girl was watching something on a black portable gaming device strapped to her left wrist....

        The apartment building that Engineer and Spy waited inside was not in the best condition, but at least someone had a TV there. As Sniper and Scout arrived with Miku, a woman with long pink hair, who wore some red bell strings in her hair and a white scarf, peeked out into the hallway. The woman, Luka Megurine, was a performer and one of Miku's friends, and had also participated in the missions of years past. But Luka was with some people who were eager to show Engineer and his friends what was going to be on the news in a few minutes.
        Luka quickly shuffled the other five into the room, where two men were waiting: a tall young man with brown hair who seemed to be holding a black notebook, and a tiny man with blonde hair and a black hat and cloak. Luka quickly tuned the channel on the TV as the clock reached 8:15 AM.
        As the news report began, Engineer soon realized that it was about the very weekend gathering that all these people, including that Fugitive some of them were protecting, were heading over to that afternoon. Engineer couldn't wait to meet up.
        Even if that meant he had to deal with the person with that blue candy cane sword along the way. He was sure of it.




End of episode 4.