Opposition/Resurrection Episode 5: Apathy means hostility - the written adaptation

STORY ARC: ...Like It's a Bad Thing

A web novel by Jack Y./superslinger2007

Chapter 1

        May 18, 2014.
        The Resurrection Movement was a group consisting of a voluntary joint effort between misfit mercenaries who specialized in military-grade weaponry and teenage girls who were skilled in magical defense arts. Over the past weekend, the mercenaries and magical girls were assigned to a sector where a weekend gathering was held. The team was to try to seek out and observe a suspect in possession of a blue-striped candy cane-like katana. Just four days ago, the suspect had injured Pyro and Demoman, two mercenaries who Engineer worked with.
        The man who had sent out this task, a so-called Fugitive, had also personally requested that the team members met up with him in a covert manner. This task was done with relative ease compared to seeking out the attacker. A magical girl with long black hair, Homura Akemi, had been lucky enough to meet up with the Fugitive over each of the past three days... or was it the other way around? However, Homura remained suspicious of his behaviour.
        Now, the sun had just set on this late spring night, and Homura, in her magical girl outfit, was in an indoor hallway. She was in front of the door of a classroom marked "ST 132", and was on her phone listening to the conversations of other teammates, who either remained scattered around the sector, or headed elsewhere. She listened to some voices over the phone.
        A girl with long blue hair and a white dress was with Sniper and two of his teammates. The four were at a short, near-triangular outdoor platform, made of tan-colored tiles and large stone blocks. It had been given the designation of a "platform of infamy" by the Fugitive. Despite this, some of the Resurrection Movement members had found themselves visiting it over the past year.
        "Get to it," prompted Sniper. He was using his camcorder to film the girl, who also wore a white squid-like cap that covered the top of her head. The girl performed her introductory speech with a sense of authority.
        "I'm emissary of the sea, Squid Girl," she proudly declared. "You got that?" She pointed at Sniper's camcorder.
        "Beauty!" cheered Sniper.
        Squid Girl's expression quickly softened. "Okay, thanks a lot," she said. "See you later." She waved at Sniper seemingly out of habit, while beginning to look confused as to why she was doing it.
        "Bloody gorgeous! Thanks, mate!" said Sniper. He lowered his camcorder to his side, and watched as Squid Girl went into the nearby building. Engineer, who had been standing next to Sniper, had also used the camera on his new PDA device to film her waving.
        "That was the best decision I ever made," noted Sniper to himself.
        "Nice work," said Engineer.
        Meanwhile, Heavy overheard the two and had something to say of his own.
        "Whew. I'm getting too old and giant for this," said Heavy.
        Meanwhile, back in the hallway near ST 132, Homura watched as three people walked past her: a tall man in a beige tweed jacket who wore a red bowtie, a silvery-blonde-haired woman in a crystalline blue dress who held a palm-sized Companion Cube replica in her hand, and finally, Mami Tomoe also in her magical girl outfit, who seemed to follow the woman a bit too closely for Homura's liking. As Homura then raised her phone once more, Mami gave a determined-looking smile towards Homura as she passed by. Homura then heard the voice of Heavy over the comm lines.
        "I am hungry for Sandvich," said Heavy.

        In a nearby hallway, near the entrance to a larger classroom with the number "140" marked above the double doors, Madoka, in her magical girl outfit as well, stood next to a woman who had brown hair in a ponytail and wore a distinctive jacketed belted uniform. Sasha Braus had become a friend of Heavy's just five months earlier, and seemed to have constant cravings for certain foods. Sasha gasped loudly once she heard Heavy's desire over Madoka's phone, and suddenly bolted from the area. Madoka, who was taken by surprise, quickly composed herself and looked around the hallway.
        Two of the mercenary teammates in the Resurrection Movement remained. Medic wore a fedora on his head and a long scarf of green, tan, red, and brown on top of his labcoat, while Spy wore a clean blue suit and a dark blue bowtie over a white dress shirt. The bowtie resembled the one worn by the tall man who had passed by moments earlier.
        Madoka raised her phone up to her ear. However, Madoka would not be ready for what she heard over the comm lines.
        "Right, then," said Sniper.
        "Well, I reckon that's--" Engineer began.
        It had all happened in an instant: first, the loud whoosh of a rifle shot, next, a crackle of electricity, and finally, Sniper's sudden yell of anguish. Madoka's mouth fell open as she heard it all on her phone.

        A thin streak of light had impacted Sniper's head and threw him backwards. He slid to a stop, unconscious, on the concrete ground.
        "Sniper's a goner!" Engineer yelled into his PDA device. He then heard the voice of a fellow teammate who was outside of the sector.
        "Uhh..." was the hesitant reply of FemScout. She was in a Chinatown area where the shops were closed for the night, with Scout nervously sitting on the ground beside her, and a Mini-Dispenser Engineer had provided. FemScout heard Heavy's yell over the phone.
        "Come out, coward!" roared Heavy.
        "Aaargh ya-dah..." Heavy snarled before a dull thud was heard.
        Engineer had watched another streak of light hit Heavy in the head with another crackle, and saw him collapse unconscious onto the platform. He yelled into his device once more.
        "Heavy's a goner!"
        "Are you freaking kidding me?!" Scout and FemScout yelled in a panicked unison.
        Back at ST 132, Homura had also heard the headshot that took out Heavy.
        "Oh no..." Homura mumbled to herself. She threw her phone behind her shield where it seemed to disappear into a hidden space, and placed her right hand on the metallic disc itself.

        Just inside the building where the platform was, Vanellope, in another one of her involuntary teenage-looking forms, looked out the set of windows near a ramp on the floor. Without thinking the situation through, she yelled, "What?! Aren't your freakishly large hands good for anything?!"
        Behind Vanellope, Sasha handed over a smartphone she had for Squid Girl to call in the emergency situation.
        Engineer raised his device in front of him and activated its camera. He moved the device from side to side and scanned the area, but no one else was visible among the buildings and lamps in the dark evening.
        "Gutless," growled Engineer.
        "It's awful!" moaned Madoka, who had become panicky from hearing everything over her phone.
        Medic and Spy, still in costume, had stepped in to listen to the attack live on Madoka's phone. Three females had also stopped by to listen in: a young brown-haired girl whose magic Sealing Wand was just returned to her five months ago, a well-endowed pink-haired woman with silver headphones on her head, and a tall stern-looking black-haired woman in a white military uniform.
        Engineer's angry voice was heard over the comm. "I'm gonna lay you out!"
        The three females looked at each other and then over to Madoka.
        A soft voice was heard over the phone.
        "It's too late now. Never forget what happened here." This was the message left by the cold soft-spoken voice of Homura Akemi. She had whooshed over to where an unseen assassin's headshots had just sent Sniper and Heavy into comas.
        Medic groaned loudly, while Spy placed his hand onto his face in disappointment.
        The three females watched as Madoka closed her eyes, lowered her head, and made a calm but short declaration:
        "I'm sorry," said Madoka.




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