Chapter 11

        At the urban street, Misa Amane was just recovering from a headache she got after that bright flash dumped her there along with her black notebook. Misa was now with a blue-haired girl, Konata Izumi, who had returned that notebook to her five months earlier.
        "It's no good..." moaned Misa sadly. "I can't remember the name..."
        "I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you," said Konata.
        "I can't remember at all! Misa, you idiot!" she cursed herself in a shriek.
        Just nearby, two more people had heard the outburst: Luka, the pink-haired woman who still wore red bell-strings and a white scarf, and the young brown-haired man she was with a few days ago, who still had his black notebook against his left arm.
        The man accidentally let go of his notebook as well as a small blue poster he also had with him. The poster had a pixellated image, which filled up half of the space on it, of a tall brown anthropomorphic hamster reading a green book.
        What was troubling, however, was the notebook the man had been carrying over these past few days. Its cover read "Death Note" in capitals.
        The man managed to pick up his belongings and place them back against his left arm before Luka noticed, but he also heard a voice that had been familiar to him for years.
        The man looked over and saw Misa... waving at him, of course. He pondered for a moment why she'd been doing that every time they met up.
        Misa, on the other hand, didn't expect Light to still be around after the gathering ended. Speaking of which... She peeked over at Luka and gave her a bit of an annoyed glare. This prompted Luka to take a few steps away from Light.
        Once Light walked up to Misa, he let her grab onto his hands. She did so... a bit too excitedly. However, he was careful not to drop his Death Note or his hamster poster from his arm like he did moments ago. Light took a moment to peek over at the notebook on the ground next to her. Sure enough, it had unreadable white text on the cover... unreadable to humans, that is.
        "Light, I'm so sorry," said Misa.
        Neither Luka nor Konata paid much attention to the conversation they were having. They were looking at a man wearing a spacesuit in the distance, and were unaware that the friendly couple behind them had noticed him as well.
        "Oh, I see. Well, that's too bad," said Light. Then, with his right hand, he quietly gestured to the spacesuit-men in the distance, and then to each of the notebooks: his against his left arm, and Misa's on the ground.
        "Unh-unh! It doesn't matter!" said Misa, smiling brightly.
        Light nodded. He could now use the plan the both of them had on that spacesuit-man. That man had led some recent idiotic protest rally calling for the deaths of good people.
        But Luka and Konata had now noticed something else that was a bit odd.
        The both of them heard a faint whoosh of clothes, quickly followed by the metallic scrape of a sword. They watched as someone else in the distance suddenly took out a katana with bright blue and white stripes.
        Luka gasped. She had seen this sword before, and right after she did, she overheard some people at the gathering complaining about letting someone get away. One of them was a sunglasses-wearing man who even broke down in tears.... Luka used the fingers on her left hand to tap her gold headset and then the similarly-colored control panel sleeve draped along her right forearm.
        Luka noticed that the sword wasn't there anymore-- or, at least, was put away. She continued to tap her control panel.


*   *   *

        The teammates who had been victorious-- Engineer, Spy, Scout, FemScout, Mami, Homura, and Madoka-- now awaited the Fugitive's commands, along with Miku.
        "Well done, Resurrection Movement," applauded the Fugitive. "That's three down, four to go."
        "Yes," noted Spy.
        "Okay, uh, Spy and Miku, I want you to head over to Medic's hospital and check on Heavy and Sniper. You're probably worried about them or something, right?"
        ("Yes,") Miku agreed in Japanese with a brisk nod.
        "Of course," said Spy.
        "Mami Tomoe," continued the Fugitive. "Engineer's got something for you back at the inhibitors. You might wanna go over and have a look, because he left a Disp-- a Mini-Dispenser there."
        Mami grunted in agreement with a nod. She then looked at Engineer.
        "Get going!" called Engineer.
        "And... Scout and FemScout, I want you to go the inhibitors, too-- Actually, see if you can find that damn frigging candy cane sword girl."
        "Yeah, well that's what happens when you're a genius," bragged Scout.
        "Way to go, slugger!" cheered FemScout.

        Soon afterwards, Engineer, Madoka, and Homura were the only ones in the area. Homura picked up Neru's flower and smartphone from the floor and stored them into her shield.
        "What's wrong?" Madoka asked Homura.
        The Fugitive's voice returned over the team's comm before Homura could reply.
        "Uhh, people, you remember Luka from a few days ago?" asked the Fugitive. "Ok, well, anyway, she just let me know there's trouble nearby. Well, near where you are. Look around."
        Engineer took out his camera-equipped PDA and began to scan the area.


*   *   *


        At the inhibitors, Scout and FemScout were resting next to the mini-Dispenser that Engineer had set up, and were receiving healing streams from it.
        Mami was still in her magical girl outfit. She attentively watched a live feed of Engineer scanning the area while the Fugitive spoke.
        "She didn't exactly say what trouble, though, so... brace yourselves," warned the unseen commander.
        Mami then tapped the machine with her hand.
        Suddenly, the two-tone electronic alarm Mami heard over her walkie-talkie that day was now blaring from the inhibitor.
        There was some text on the blank viewscreen that was slowly flashing red and white:


Audio archive file
December 16, 2012

        Scout and FemScout had now stood back up and were looking at the viewscreen.
        "Unbelievable!" they shouted in unison.
        Mami hit the machine with a closed fist in exasperation.



        She and the two Scouts began to hear a man's voice on the inhibitor.
        "Engineer? Engineer, I kinda-- I kinda wanna say something."
        Only it wasn't just any man.
        It was the Fugitive himself.
        And he was panicked.
        "Okay, anyway, today's December 16, 2012. That's when I'm recording this... message. And I wanna say this, and I think Madoka knows about it too, but I don't want anyone else to know. Okay, look, it was four months ago, but...
        I made a deal with a devil. A. Devil."
        Mami clapped her hands over her now-open mouth. Though she would never do such a horrific act, she was now intensely concerned about what such a deal meant for the unseen commander of the Resurrection Movement....




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