Chapter 4

        The rapid video montage continued on Inhibitor 3's viewscreen. It began to show the events taking place on the second day of the gathering.
        MAY 17 2014 8:30 AM.
        The screen showed the Construct grounds once more. The man with the blue and yellow helmet and tracksuit, from the day before, was looking at two humanoid robots. They each had their own blue armor as well as a helmet above a skin-toned face. Both robots aimed their wrist-mounted oval-shaped blasters seemingly at him. However, one of the robots had a more fierce expression on his face, and had more details on his own armor and helmet.
        MAY 17 2014 9:37 AM.
        Back at the grassy field, Mami noticed Kyoko, a teammate who was also in her magical girl clothes. Kyoko munched on some Pocky biscuit sticks from a small red box that had been given to her. They noticed a pink-haired girl who had her hair tied in a twisting ponytail over her left shoulder and wore a white dress shirt and a red plaid skirt. The girl waved at the other two as she walked up to them.
        A silent gasp appeared on Mami's face.
        Kyoko, however, held her red Pocky box out toward the girl.
        "Want some?" asked Kyoko.
        Meanwhile, a girl with long pink hair, a pink dress, and a distinctive brass-gold headband-like crown walked by, behind Mami and Kyoko....
        MAY 17 2014 10:14 AM.
        Madoka, in her magical girl dress, looked around the grassy field, unaware that two people were passing by behind her: a somewhat stern-looking teenage girl who had long orange-gold hair and a red jacketed uniform, and a young woman, with her blonde-hair in a small raised ponytail with the rest of her hair loose, who wore a white top with a large blue cross on it and a blue skirt with a brown belt.
        MAY 17 2014 10:16 AM.
        Somewhere else in the field, the long-black-haired girl in the blazer jacket from earlier noticed the girl with the pink haired ponytail over her left shoulder. The pink-haired girl appeared to have a stern moody facial expression as she looked around.
        MAY 17 2014 10:19 AM.
        In the black void, three people were in the area. Two mustached brothers, respectively dressed in red and green with matching blue overalls, were joined by a blonde-haired woman in a pink royal dress with a three-pointed crown on her head. They watched as a brown-haired woman in a tan jacket, a red necktie, and black shorts argued with Sasha.
        "I'm not here because I want to be!" the woman in the necktie shouted.
        "There are no rules when it comes to hunting," declared Sasha.
        "You asked me for help!" the woman interjected. Her name was Kurisu Makise. Although she was a neuroscientist, she had recently found herself partnered up with Medic. Despite having been nearly reduced to her knees during Medic's heart-pounding Ubercharge test a few days ago, Kurisu still felt like she was put into this world for a reason. However, she had a hard time expressing her feelings without denying them on the spot.
        MAY 17 2014 11:16 AM.
        The viewscreen showed the urban street once more. Engineer, with his wrench, and Medic, with his Amputator saw, stood facing each other as if they were in a conversation. Meanwhile, a small two-tailed beige kitten-like feline, with a black marking on her head, watched as Kyubey scampered down along the road.
        MAY 17 2014 11:59 AM.
        The viewscreen next showed Sniper sitting on the floor and having a conversation with someone just offscreen. For the moment, he was neglecting the notepad and red marker he had dropped beside him.
        MAY 17 2014 1:54 PM.
        With a tall building behind them, Mami and Homura stood in front of some trees. They stood back-to-back, as Homura raised her left forearm to show her shield, while Mami simply smiled for the camera.
        MAY 17 2014 2:02 PM.
        Madoka was in a hallway. Next to her, she noticed a tall black-haired woman in a white military uniform who seemed to be sternly frowning to herself.
        MAY 17 2014 2:21 PM.
        A young pink-haired girl was talking to Squid Girl in the grassy field. The girl had small side ponytails, small rabbit-like hair buns on her head, and small red gems in front of her hair buns.
        "You better be shooting peace rays," warned the pink-haired girl in a distinctive high-pitched voice... that didn't exactly belong to her.
        "Why the gill did you have to bring that up again?!" screamed Squid Girl.
        MAY 17 2014 2:53 PM.

Zenzen tsukamenai himi no koko
Zenzen shiranai...

        The green-haired girl in a purple maid outfit was dancing beside a blue-haired humanoid robot in a metallic maid dress. Off to the side, a girl with long black hair, also in a maid outfit, bobbed her head to the music.
        MAY 17 2014 4:04 PM.
        While Luka watched from a distance, Elsa was in the grassy field with a palm-sized Companion Cube replica in her hand. Madoka and a girl with chestnut-blonde hair-- Asuna, the one whose sword was missing-- were also trying to have a good look at the cube.
        MAY 17 2014 4:23 PM.
        A woman in a black jumpsuit wore a yellow and blue motorcycle helmet with cat ears molded on top. She looked down in front of her, as if she was examining something on the ground there. Meanwhile, a young man with wavy blonde hair and a particular Arabian-style outfit with a green headdress walked past the woman....
        MAY 17 2014 4:56 PM.
        The viewscreen showed a retro-style beige hallway and two men, who appeared as if they were in a video game. One of them wore a blue suit and had black hair in a distinctive spiked-back hairstyle. This man threw his pointer finger out in front of him as he made a single recognizable shout:
        The blue-suited man's actions caused the other man, who wore a red suit and had dark silver hair in a different hairstyle, to throw his hands somewhat forward in a brief moment of panic. The blue-suited man had almost poked him in the face with that forward point.
        MAY 17 2014 5:01 PM.
        Back at the grassy field, the black-haired woman in the red scarf and jacketed belted uniform from earlier was seen passing by two people, in the same uniform as her, having a discussion. One of them was a stern-looking young man with black hair who wore a white cravat on his uniform, while the other was a less-strict-looking young woman with shoulder-length orange hair.
        MAY 17 2014 5:12 PM.
        Two teenage girls appeared onscreen at the field. One of them. a rebellious-looking girl with long black hair, was with the other one, who had pinkish-blonde hair in wide ponytails. The black-haired girl had white, blue, and pink streaks in her hair, as well as two cone-like shapes on her head, and wore a striped arm warmer on one of her wrists. The pinkish-blonde-haired girl had white and black bear-head decorations at her ponytails, and wore a black vest and a white and black necktie.
        Both of them performed some of their gestures and waved, supposedly at someone in front of them.
        MAY 17 2014 6:02 PM.
        The pinkish-blonde-haired girl was now next to a set of stairs in a light gray hallway. She didn't seem to notice someone holding a blue-striped white katana in front of her, as she was paying attention to a pink-haired woman also in front of her.
        MAY 17 2014 6:02 PM.
        Just above the stairs, Sniper silently pointed two fingers at his eyes and then briskly poked his pointer finger forward a few times. He muttered softly, "I see you, mongrel."
        He had apparently noticed the katana's wielder just down the stairs.
        MAY 17 2014 6:03 PM.
        Luka, still wearing her bell strings and scarf, had stopped in front of a set of gray doors, with her arm out to her side. The door had metallic door handles, and was marked with the number "121" in a small red rectangle. Luka was joined by the brown-haired man and the tiny black-cloaked man, who were prompted to stop in place. She had caught sight of the katana and its wielder in the area to her left, and was concentrating on committing both into memory.
        MAY 17 2014 7:06 PM.
        The blonde-haired man in the green headdress heard an angry distraught male British voice nearby.
        "No... NOOOO!" the voice yelled.
        The voice was from a tall brown-haired man with the tweed jacket and red bowtie. "They can't-- they can't have got away from me AGAIN!" he lamented as he drooped his head in disdain.
        The blonde-haired man looked over to the brown-haired man and said, "I'll take full responsibility, so don't worry." He boldly made that offer as if he personally knew the very person who had managed to run away.
        MAY 17 2014 9:43 PM.
        In the black void, a blocky-looking man with a cubic head, brown hair, and a teal shirt had given a pixellated baked potato for Sasha to happily-- yet begrudgingly-- munch on. As the man put a small pixellated steak to his mouth, Sasha looked over and noticed that his other pixellated possessions included a bucket, a light blue pickaxe, and some wooden sticks.
        MAY 17 2014 10:27 PM.
        Heavy and Medic were in a seemingly dark room.
        "Get behind me!" they shouted in unison.
        "Yeah!" replied Scout from offscreen.
        MAY 17 2014 10:27 PM.

And the girl in the corner
said, "Boy I wanna warn you
It'll turn into a ballroom blitz"

        The both of them led Engineer, Sniper, and the two Scouts through a conga-style dance line in a dark area lit with a purple checkerboard pattern. Several other people appeared in the foreground as they watched the mercs dance. A blue-striped sword appeared to slide into view before the clip ended.

        MAY 17 2014 10:59 PM.
        Sasha had a worried look on her face as if Engineer, in front of her, had just stressfully told her about that video posting that made him freak out two months ago. The video had her holding Scout's red candy cane and waving to people in front of her.
        "I thought everyone had forgotten about that!" Sasha muttered to herself.




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