May 20, 2014.
        Scout stepped up to the primary mental inhibitor with his aluminum bat in hand.
        "Let's do this," he spoke softly.
        He swung his bat at the machine.
        On the inhibitor's viewscreen, a teen girl was at the grassy field. The girl had brown hair and a yellow headband that pushed her bangs away to show her forehead. Her name was Ritsu Tainaka, and Scout had heard that all the stuff from the '90s and early 2000s-- because of that blonde "nostalgia virus" girl his group just defeated-- had made that drummer act mean and self-centred a few days ago.
        "See, guys?" asserted Ritsu. "You never really know what life will throw at you, do ya?"
        She was talking to a girl with long black hair named Mio Akiyama and a small white cat-like creature named Kyubey. The latter was standing on a spare Companion Cube in the field.
        Kyubey looked up at Mio and advised her, "I don't doubt she'll be causing you quite a bit of trouble." His mouth remained closed as he spoke.
        "No, no!" interjected Ritsu. "I just mean that whenever life throws you for a loop, it can make you stronger."
        Scout pressed his left hand onto the inhibitor's frontal column. He paused for a moment and then looked around at his three teammates in the area: his ponytailed counterpart known as FemScout, and two magical girls named Mami Tomoe and Madoka Kaname.
        FemScout hyperventilated as she sat on the floor, facing away from the others, with her hand against her head. A Force-a-Nature scattergun and some cans of Bonk! Atomic Punch lay on the ground next to her.
        Mami, the magical girl with her hair in twin blonde curls, was still in her outfit. She had continued to dig through the Mini-Dispenser that Engineer set up next to the primary inhibitor.
        Madoka, the magical girl with pink ponytails, was also still in her outfit. She was looking at the thin white flip phone that her friend had just left in her hands, while a worried expression remained on her face.
        Moments ago, these four teammates had listened to an archived audio recording from December 16, 2012. It was marked high-priority and addressed to Engineer, and the voice in the recording belonged to a man they knew.
        Or a man they thought they knew.
        Right now, this Fugitive was the main commander of the Resurrection Movement. Yet, at the time of the recording nearly two years ago, he was almost killed by a devil he made a deal with that year.
        A devil who happened to be beautiful.
        A nightmare mistress.
        But even worse, Madoka had been caught in a situation where the Fugitive had tried to overstep his authority. His rage-filled order was for Madoka to attack three people in front of her. However, because she ignored his order, Madoka had to watch as Engineer, whose real name was Dell Conagher, was struck down by an energy bullet to the head.
        Thankfully, Madoka's friend and fellow magical girl Homura Akemi returned to take her to safety, but she soon left her phone behind with Madoka in the inhibitor room.
        Before Madoka could consider what a deal with a devil could mean for the commander who'd been guiding them for over a year, the team's ringtone sounded on the primary inhibitor.
        "Resurrection Movement," a male voice spoke with a solemn tone. It was the voice of the Fugitive, the same one who was angry just moments ago.
        Madoka watched as Scout, FemScout and Mami focused their attention to the inhibitor's viewscreen.
        "Team..." the Fugitive began. "I'm calling you to apologize for what happened today. Yes. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for what I did. But... there actually is a reason for it. Some of you just saw three people, and one of them had that frigging sword with blue stripes.
        There's nothing we can do."
        The next three words caught Madoka's attention.
        "Assume hostile intent."
        Madoka drooped her head and closed her eyes.
        Mami then walked over to Madoka and tapped her shoulder. Madoka looked up and watched as Mami adjusted a pair of glasses that were now on her warm smiling face.
        The Fugitive had some final words for the broadcast. "Those three people... They got something against us. From now on, they're Hostiles."
        Madoka and Mami soon turned to leave the inhibitor room while Scout and FemScout did some more investigating on the primary inhibitor. As they left, they heard the Fugitive issue a command to another teammate off somewhere.
        "And... Medic? Find out where Engineer is. He might be in trouble."


*   *   *

        October 4, 2014.
        A young woman with chestnut-blonde hair and a red and white skirt-outfit stared briefly at a seemingly nondescript medium-sized purple card in her hand. The woman was none other than Asuna Yuuki, the "Lightning Flash" who had her Lambent Light rapier stolen at an event nearly two years ago. Asuna placed the purple card down and then picked up a white envelope that was marked "Do not open until October 4". She opened the envelope and took out the small square paper it contained, then turned it sideways in her hand.
        "You're hiding something, aren't you?" asked Asuna as she turned the paper back around to its original position.
        There was a crude sketch on the paper of a clock face in red ink with its big hand extending past the edge. The clock read 5:16....
        Meanwhile, another young woman with silvery-blonde hair and a flowing crystalline light blue dress had a walkie-talkie up to her ear. The woman was Elsa, a well-known queen who could create and control ice. Elsa had been talking with a man over the walkie-talkie over an issue they had left unsolved nearly five months earlier.
        "Please tell me I can try again," pleaded Elsa.
        "Come on. Just help us fight," replied the man, who happened to be the Resurrection Movement's Fugitive.
        "Oh, I'm sure I will. At some point."
        "Look, I understand if you're busy, but I can't really wait anymore."
        "Don't give up on me. I promise I'll--"
        A tall man with shoulder-length blonde hair, who wore a purple overcoat and black gloves, suddenly interrupted Elsa.
        "When you two are done releasing sexual tensions, we have got a meeting we need to finish!" the man declared in a French accent.
        The Fugitive could only get one more sentence through the walkie-talkie before Elsa shut it off. "Uhh... Okay, we gotta talk after this, all right?"
        It wasn't just the Fugitive who was taken aback; Elsa looked awkwardly disgusted by the tall man's statement.
        Those who knew the tall man called him France after his country of origin, but his real name was Francis Bonnefoy.
        Though he still had matters to discuss, France seemed distracted by a group of girls who had just arrived in the area. He watched as several of them passed by: a turquoise-haired girl who wore ponytails, a silver skirt, and detached black sleeves; a younger girl with shoulder-length yellow-blonde hair and a white bow on her head; a long black-haired girl who wore what looked like a silver metallic disc on her left forearm; a blue-haired girl in a white dress who wore a squid-like cap on her head, and someone who appeared to be a bespectacled girl with brown hair in a ponytail and wore a distinct tan-and-brown jacketed belted uniform.
        France also noticed two more people further off in the distance who waved at each other: an endowed turquoise-haired woman with a white skull-mask on top of her head and a thick red line across her face at nose level; and a teen girl with shoulder-length pink hair who wore what looked like a blue headband with a metal piece, engraved with a swirl-like bird head symbol, and a red dress outfit over shorts.

        France did not seem to recognize any of these people at all.
        "Oh no. This is unacceptable," muttered Elsa. She had noticed the sudden group of people in the area and also had some trouble identifying them.
        Upon hearing this, France turned his attention back to Elsa. He allowed her to examine his own medium-sized purple card before taking out an envelope that he had opened earlier. He showed the text scrawled onto the envelope that read "Do not open until October 4". France began to frown as he took a square piece of paper out of the envelope.
        Elsa tapped the purple card with her finger as she pointed out, "You know, it's very bad form to turn down a royal invitation."
        "I don't want any part of this either," yelled France, "but we don't have much of a choice!" He raised the square paper in front of Elsa, which also had a rough ink sketch of a clock reading 5:16.
        Just then, France noticed a young girl, who wore her blonde hair in twin curls, pointing at the walkie-talkie that Elsa had.
        Elsa then looked at the girl and nodded slowly.
        "I'm so sorry. That's just not like me," Elsa brightly admitted to the girl as she reached to return the walkie-talkie....


*   *   *

        November 25, 2014.
        Madoka finally played a message over her phone for her four fellow magical girls-- Sayaka, Mami, Kyoko, and Homura-- to listen to. The message had been on the Resurrection Movement's systems for a month.
        "Team," the Fugitive's voice began. "I know things got messed up five months ago, and... I know. I'm sorry. I'm very sorry. But now I want you people to help again. Within the next 5 weeks, decide who's gonna meet up at the location specified in some stuff I privately sent to you."
        Kyoko began to swing her arms up and down in a happy dance, as she was expecting to get some Pocky sticks from a certain man with sunglasses again.
        However, Homura seemed to have an angry scowl on her face. She still remembered what happened six months earlier, when the Fugitive let loose his anger upon seeing that girl with a blue-striped katana.
        Spy was replaying the message through a newly redesigned hardhat-based headset. He wore the helmet on his head for a test run.
        The Fugitive's message continued. "This goes for each of the two groups of the Resurrection Movement: Holy Quintet and Codename Fortress."
        "Well, now," Spy noted to himself.
        Asuna had taken her clock-sketch paper into the inhibitor room and was listening to the message on the primary inhibitor. She was unaware that France was standing behind her.
        "Please make a decision as soon as you can. Just make sure at least one from each group shows up," the Fugitive's message concluded.
        Asuna held up the square piece of paper between her and the inhibitor viewscreen, and looked attentively at the 5:16 clock sketch on it.
        A sudden two-tone electronic alarm startled Asuna, making her slam her hand onto the top of the frontal black column... with the clock-sketch paper underneath it.
        A deep electronic chime sounded on the inhibitor as text appeared on its viewscreen:


Mandated meetups with members of

both Resurrection Movement divisions

at The Castle this Saturday

        "This Saturday"? Asuna thought. Wasn't that the twent--
        "Seriously..." noted France.
        Asuna turned to face the tall man... whose hair happened to be a similar shade to hers.
        "We have more important things to worry about before settling on our world plans," continued France as he pointed to the viewscreen.
        Asuna raised the clock-sketch paper in front of her face once more. Neither she nor France noticed two people-- a tall thin labcoat-wearing man with short black hair, and a track jacket-wearing girl with light brown hair tied into two over-the-shoulder braids-- walking by at all....


*   *   *

        November 30, 2014.
        In the black void between worlds, a stern male voice suddenly arose, filtered through what seemed like police radio.
        "Assault point secure. Advance."
        The order was given by a man in a sinister light-gray gasmask who wore a dark gray combat vest. He led two other men with the same masks and outfits. The three men each held, in their right hand, a gray metallic baton with a small orange electric emitter tip.

        They quickly advanced toward a teenage girl who had long blonde hair with pink highlights at the end, and a big red bow on her head.
        "Lock. Isolate," chanted another of the men in the filtered voice.
        "Urgh!" came the leader's groan.
        The girl had caught sight of the leader and sweep-kicked the leader to the ground, sending him sliding along the near-invisible black floor. Her name was Chitoge Kirisaki. She could hold her own in a fight, and had been known to use a bit too much force in a particular relationship she had.
        But this was one fight she was never going to come out of.
        One of the two gasmask men left standing shook the baton in his hand once. "Looking for trouble?" the man taunted.
        "Wha-- Why talk to me like that?" replied Chitoge. She couldn't raise a fist in time before the man landed an impact with his baton, knocking her down into a crouch.
        The third masked man dived and pushed his own baton against the shoulder of a struggling Chitoge. He declared, "Ready to prosecute."
        As the baton-wielding man came in for another swing, Chitoge suddenly broke free with an angry roar and stood up toward the two men.
        "Mind your own business!" she yelled as she slapped the masked man who tried to restrain her with enough force to knock him against the other man.
        "Aagh!" the men yelled.
        "Ohh, geez... why is this even happening?" Chitoge moaned as she placed her hands against her head.
        Unfortunately, the masked leader had sneaked up behind her. He pointed a gun at her leg and pulled the trigger.
        The shot sent Chitoge onto her knees, and her body became numb as the leader placed his left palm onto her back.
        "Vacate citizen," the leader declared coldly.
        Chitoge drooped her head and resigned herself to her fate.
        The girl disappeared into a bright blue portal in front of the leader. The other two men picked up their batons and stood to face the leader, whose short report was filled with a sense of satisfaction:
        "Final verdict administered."
        The three men in gasmasks knew that they had sent Chitoge into custody at a secure place where she could no longer interfere with anyone in this world. Knowing this, they knew they still had orders from a higher-up to track down more people and take them in.
        It didn't matter that these men were part of Civil Protection somewhere else. There was only one thing that mattered here:
        They were the Time Police.




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