January 1, 2015.
        "How did I ever get involved with this guy?" asked Kurisu Makise.
        She was beginning to question that mysterious stranger known as the Fugitive, who was somehow able to band together a group of mercenaries with some young teenage girls a few years ago; one of the girls, Homura Akemi, was right beside Kurisu at this very moment. Despite this, over the past seven months, the members of the Resurrection Movement, under the command of the Fugitive, became witnesses to his questionable behavior.
        Kurisu was also concerned with the message on the primary inhibitor's viewscreen:

she demands my sacrifice

        It had appeared in the archive montage that she and Homura watched, just before the destroyed Inhibitor 2 to her left struck the primary inhibitor with an electric bolt... There was a girl, with a blue track jacket and her light brown hair tied into braids, who was watching the viewscreen on Christmas. Kurisu felt like she recognized that girl from somewhere.
        Homura, with her usual frown on her face, suddenly stepped up to the primary inhibitor, nearly shoving Kurisu out of the way, and placed her right hand onto the frontal triangular column.

        The timestamp on the corner of the inhibitor's viewscreen read ### ## 2014; the date had been obscured, likely by a fault in the inhibitor archive systems.
        The screen showed a young man with wavy blonde hair and an Arabian-style outfit. Homura recognized him as Nagisa Hazuki, one of the few who attacked her a year ago... one of the few who were there when the Fugitive first lost his composure nearly half a year after that.
        But Nagisa showed his cheerful personality by calling out to someone who was apparently in front of him.
        "Guys! Look at this, look at this!" he exclaimed.
        Nagisa began miming his fingers along to a catchy Korean song that was sung by a female artist, almost as if he was counting upwards while doing so.


Ildeohagi ileun gwiyomi
Eeldeohagi eeneun gwiyomi
Samdeohagi sameun gwiyomi
Gwigwi gwiyomi gwigwi gwiyomi...

        While Nagisa performed his finger gestures, a young woman, with pink hair in a ponytail over her left shoulder, leaned into view. The girl, whom Homura recognized as Serah Farron-- who angrily slapped her in the face a year ago-- looked at Nagisa with a confused frown on her face. Serah then looked around, almost as if she was checking for others in the area.
        Kurisu slammed her fist onto the frontal column, making the viewscreen go blank with a pixelated fadeout. She then gasped as she pulled her hand back against her chest, earning a glare from Homura.
        "Well, now what?" asked Homura.
        "That's a little too farfetched," Kurisu stated as she pointed at the blank viewscreen.
        "It couldn't be helped."
        Homura shook her head before she placed her hand onto the frontal column once more.
        One of the three gasmask-wearing Time Police officers depicted on the viewscreen unleashed his submachine gun fire, side to side, into the RED Coldfront base. However, no one else was present.
        "My 10-20 is clear. Searching for suspect; no status," the gun-wielding officer stated.
        Neither him nor the other two beside him, carrying their signature electric batons, could let out another word before they heard the voice of their higher-up on their radio. It was the voice of a woman who neither Homura or Kurisu could recognize.
        "Our time is almost up here. We should go."
        "10-4," replied the officer.
        Homura turned off the inhibitor and turned to leave.
        "I'm worried what'll happen if we really go through with this," said Kurisu, gesturing to the blank viewscreen.
        Homura paused for a moment as she remained facing away from Kurisu.
        "You stay out of it. Understand?" warned Homura.
        "Don't worry. I doubt he has anything important to say anyway," Kurisu replied as she stared at the inhibitor. After watching Homura leave, she frowned and stepped up to the prism-shaped machine once more.
        She began to leave a message on the systems for the Fugitive. "I guess I should tell you," she began. "You've figured out enough about me as it is...."




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