March 13, 2015.
        A young girl, with green eyes and black and red ribbons in her twin-bunched blonde hair, stared somewhat impatiently as someone held out a "Missing: Lambent Light" poster in front of her.
        The girl was Yutaka Kobayakawa.
        Or at least that's who she thought she was two months ago. An electric bolt from that infernal prism-machine changed her pink hair to a vibrant blonde with a zap, also affecting her hair ribbons that were once purple.
        Even the princess who Yutaka got teleported to around the time, despite her abilities and tools, couldn't change her hair back to normal.
        Strangely, however, Yutaka felt like putting on her old winter school uniform after her short-sleeved summer uniform was returned to its proper colours. Likewise, though, she chose to tie on the black and red ribbons she was left with from the transformation.
        She now found herself outside an empty BLU Industries building, in front of a young woman in a red-and-white outfit adorned with crosses. The woman, named Asuna Yuuki, tapped the scanned sketch of her teal-and-silver rapier that was printed on the poster.
        The rustling caught Yutaka's attention. She quickly grinned and replied... in a voice that wasn't exactly hers.
        "There's gotta be one around here somewhere."
        "Hey. This is serious," asserted Asuna.
        Yutaka tapped the word "Missing" on the poster. "I'm crazy, but that's just nuts!--"
        The faint flash of a thin white beam shone out of the corner of Yutaka's eye. She and Asuna then heard a man's pained scream coming from the nearby ravaged hospital. Without a second thought, Yutaka rushed off toward the hospital's entrance. But Asuna turned the other way and began to head through the side entrance of the BLU Industries building, with her poster in hand.
        There was a faintly-glowing slash across the damaged Inhibitor 2 to the left, and a pillar of dark smoke emanating from the machine.
        These were the first things someone focused on while walking into the inhibitor room. The "room" was an unwalled area inside a vast black void where a voluntary group named the Resurrection Movement held its team meetings through one of the mental inhibitor machines, of which two of the three were functional. The geometric prisms served as stationary info-gathering and communications devices.
        As the visitor recounted the details about the inhibitors, Inhibitor 2 suddenly shot off an electric bolt into the air.
        The visitor ducked to the right and raised her gloved left hand in front of her eyes. She then stared at the green upper left sleeve of her futuristic-lined military-like uniform for a brief moment. She braced herself against the frontal column of one of the undamaged inhibitors as she stood back up.
        A thought then occurred to the unarmed female sharpshooter with pale blue hair:
        She was here for a reason.
        But what?
        Yutaka stood firm just outside the hospital's giant sliding doors. Her eyes were drawn to the man who had collapsed to the ground nearby. The man's white labcoat was marked at the shoulders with a red-cross emblem inside a yellow circle, cluing Yutaka in to the man's allegiance to the ruinous Res--
        An electric bolt shot down from the sky and knocked Yutaka down to her knees before she could clearly identify the man.
        Yutaka managed to get back up quickly. But her hair had been changed into shades of blonde and light-blue, and her uniform's colors had been changed into a bright pink throughout with red ribbons and a gold shirt collar. The ribbon on the left side of her head was also pink, while her other ribbon seemed to blend in with the blonde areas of her hair.
        But there was an upside to the zap she had just gotten.
        As the girl's eyebrows drooped, from out of her mouth came a sweeter, calmer voice that made her very certain who she was now.
        "Why is it that you fight?"




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